Evaluating Your Todd Library Catalog Search Results

You can do a preliminary evaluation of your search results in the library catalog when you look at the "short titles" in the list of books and/or other library materials. In this preliminary evaluation you will use the author's words to gain an impression of both content and audience for the work.

  • The date of publication may be important. If you are looking, for example, for very recent materials or for historical perspectives the date of publication is critical.
  • The location lets you know immediately where you need to go in the library to use this material.
  • The call number gives you an idea of the broad subject area of the material. For example, endangered species materials in the SD's will be related to forestry and forest management, materials in the various areas of the Q's will be more strictly scientific in approach.

The second level of evaluation will be when you examine the record for each item you select from that list.