Specific Search Strategies for Academic Search Premier

Nearly every article database has an option to search for authors' names, or specify dates for searching. We will take a closer look at how to accomplish these types of searches in Academic Search Premier as an example.

ASP Search

Strategies for Finding Other Materials

How can you use the information you now have to find other articles on your topic? Several strategies are available to you, such as:

Second Level Evaluation in article databases

The second level of evaluation will be when you examine the information available when you click on each title in the list. Generally, you will see the citation information, associated subject headings and an abstract. Where indicated, the text and/or graphics may also be available.

As you look through this information, ask yourself some of these questions:

Evaluating Article Database Search Results

As with books, you can do a preliminary evaluation of your search results in article databases, too. This first level of evaluation can take place as you look at your retrieved list of citations.

article results page

What can you find out about the articles in this list of brief citations?

Strategies for Magazine/Journal Articles

Purposes of this lesson:

  • Use citations found in a article database to learn more about finding and evaluating articles.
  • Recognize the levels of evaluation necessary when using an article database.
  • Generate alternative search strategies based on options available in the index.

Strategies for Todd Library Catalog Exercise

This exercise is intended to help you become more strategic in your use of the library catalog, and to help you learn to find out more about the materials you find there. You can try a search for "our" topic to see how it works, then try it again with a topic of your own.

Connect to Todd Library Catalog using this link. The link will open a new browser window. When you finish the exercise, close that browser window to return to the tutorial.

Using LC Subject Headings

The field labled Subject Term (under the catalog record tab of your item record). for a library catalog record contains one or more Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings. Most libraries use these headings as a way to control the use of words to represent specific concepts. Our search just happened to use the same words used by the library catalogers: Endangered Species. Another LC Subject Heading applied to this particular book is Wildlife Conservation.

Strategies for Finding Other Materials in the Todd Library Catalog

You have several ways to find more materials from the information you have at hand. You can:

Second Level Evaluation in the Todd Library Catalog

Let's use this record from the library catalog to look at how much information is available to you even before you go find the book.

item information from library catalog

Here are the most obvious things:

Evaluating Your Todd Library Catalog Search Results

You can do a preliminary evaluation of your search results in the library catalog when you look at the "short titles" in the list of books and/or other library materials. In this preliminary evaluation you will use the author's words to gain an impression of both content and audience for the work.

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