Example Keyword Search in the library Catalog.

The words you enter into the Keyword search are searched against the Title and Subject sections (among others) of each record in the library's catalog. If entered together as a phrase, the words will be searched together, as a phrase. Words can be joined with an "and" to broaden the search to include both search words, but not necessarily together.

Types of Catalog Searches

The library catalog's offers the ability to search by the following types of searches. Click on each choice to find out more about what that search does and why you might want to use it.

Finding Books on Your Topic

What is the Todd Library catalog?

Getting More Information about Your Topic from Books

Purposes of this Lesson:

  • Understand the purpose and scope of the Todd Library catalog.
  • Recognize the information included about books in library catalog records.
  • Use the library catalog to explore your topic.

Other Strategies for Web Searching

The best searches on the Web will often be those that are not searches for a subject. Instead, try these other strategies:

Second Level Evaluation of Web Search Results

To answer the question of whether we should use this page, we need to put the page in context. Here are some questions to ask while looking at the page and the site where it is located:

Evaluating Web Search Results

Your initial evaluation of your Web search will take place as you look at the information generated by the search engine.

Let's look at the information provided in this example from AltaVista:

Here's what we know from this citation:

Strategies for the Web

Purposes of this lesson:

  • Identify important criteria for evaluating Web sites.
  • Develop strategies for assessing and evaluating Web sites.
  • Generate alternative strategies for finding useful information on the Web.

Strategies for Academic Search Premier Exercise

This exercise is intended to help you become more strategic in your use of Academic Search Premier, as one example of an article database. It is also intended to help you learn to recognize various characteristics of the materials you find there. You can try a search for "our" topic to see how it works, then try it again with a topic of your own.

Limiting to Refereed Articles in Academic Search Premier

As we noted before, limiting your results to articles from refereed journals is a good way to narrow a broad search. It is also a good way to ensure that the articles you find are of high quality.

In Academic Search Premier, the option to limit to refereed publications is found under the "Refine Search" options below the seach box(es).

ASP Limit

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