Finding Articles on Your Topic Exercise

Connect to Academic Search Premier using this link. The link will open a new browser window. When you finish the exercise, close that browser window to return to the tutorial.

Understanding Your Search Results

A keyword search for endangered species united states includes the following results:

search results

Each of these citations gives you information about the article. Here's what you can tell from these three:

Where are article databases Located?

The library subscribes to over 50 article databases, all are available through the Web. The best way to find one appropriate to your topic is to go to the Databases List on the library's Web site []

Finding Magazine or Journal Articles on Your Topic

As you learned in the section on finding books on your topic, the Todd Library catalog will help you find books and titles of magazines or journals that the library owns. The catalog will NOT help you find out who published a particular article on your topic, in what issue it was published or on what pages it appeared. For this task, your time will be better spent searching in an article database.

Getting More Information from the World Wide Web

Purposes of this Lesson:

  • Recognize the nature of information found on the Web.
  • Use a search engine to explore your topic.

Getting More Information from Magazines and Journals

Purposes of this lesson:

  • Recognize the purpose and scope of article databases.
  • Recognize the types of information and features included in an article database or index.
  • Use a general article database (e.g. Academic Search Premier by EBSCOhost) to start exploring your topic.

What's Next?

You have completed this lesson on using the library catalog to find books on your topic. Click on another of the topics at the bottom to continue with the tutorial.

Finding Books on Your Topic Exercise

This exercise is intended to help you become more familiar with the library's catalog. You can try a search for "our" topic to see how it works, then try it with a topic of your own.

Connect to the Todd Library Catalog using this link. The link will open a new browser window. When you finish the exercise, close that browser window to return to the tutorial

Examining a Todd Library catalog record

This catalog record turned up in our limited search. The bolded words to the left of the record are the names of FIELDS in the record.  Click on the image to learn more about the different fields.  The SUBJECT  field has been highlighted.

catalog record

Limiting Your Results

Limit Search, a choice on the menu bar appearing on the top and bottom of each page of search results, brings up the following page that allows us to modify our search results.

limit search

Click on the various sections of the sample screen below to see what each choice does.

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